Former Board of Trustees

Our thanks to every person who has ever served on the St. John's Episcopal School's Board of Trustees; people who have worked so hard over the years that have allowed so many to enjoy the fruits of their efforts.

Throughout the years, SJES Board of Trustees have made amazing progress carrying out the tasks of implementing multi-generational traditions that still serve students and their families today. Trustees whose effective organizational planning ensured adequate resources for St. John's Episcopal School to continue to operate.

We are encouraged and blessed that so many have demonstrated extraordinary talent and leadership during these many years and we will never forget the essential role that you played as a Trustee.

1974-1975 Board of Trustees: (from left clockwise) Mrs. Froncie Foote, Principal; Mrs. Judy Marsalis; Mr. Jim Alexander, Vice President; Mr. Jimmy Farrington; The Rev. Edward P. Dentzer, Rector; Mrs. Leslie Boykin; Mrs. Ruby Caldwell; Mr. Charles Scarborough, President; Mrs. Maisie Fletcher; Dr. Paul Mani; The Rev. Joseph H. Schley Jr., Curate.  Not Pictured: Jo Ann Hamil, Secretary; Mr. Malcolm Schulz, Finance Officer; Dr. James Webster; Mr. Howard Davenport.