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Q. What is the average class size? 
A. 12 students

Q. What is the student/teacher ratio?
A. PK 12 students x 2 teachers; Transition 14 students x 2 teachers; K 16 students x 1 teacher; 1st-5th 18 students x1 teacher

Q. Is there a uniform or dress code?
A. Uniforms are required for all students. Uniforms vary by age group, but the basic uniform consists a red, white, or navy polo shirt and khaki or navy pants, shorts, or skirts. St. John’s uniform supplier is Lands’ End. 

Q. Is St. John's licensed and accredited? 
A. St. John's Episcopal School is fully licensed by the Texas Department of Child Protection Services. It is also fully accredited through the Southwestern Association of Episcopal Schools (SAES). 

Q. Is there a specific enrollment period?
A. Current students may re-enroll for the upcoming school year beginning in late February. New students (who have completed the APPLICATION process) can ENROLL in the upcoming school year during Open Enrollment which starts in late March. We also offer rolling admissions, which allows children to join a classroom at any point during the year if space is available. If space is not available, they have the option of getting on the Wait List.

Q. Is financial assistance available? 
A. Yes, for K-5th. An application for financial assistance is available on a first-come first-served basis annually. Financial assistance is awarded according to financial need and to the extent of available tuition remission funds. Maximum tuition remission/discount/scholarship allowed is 50%. There is an active military discount of 20% for students in K-5th grade.

Q. What Enrichment Courses are available? 
A. Art, Music, Spanish, Physical Education, Technology, STEM, Godly Play, and Library.

Q. How do you approach spiritual development?
A. St. John’s Episcopal School is an independent day school affiliated with the Episcopal Church. Chapel services are held three times a week for all students Pre-Kindergarten through 5th grade. In addition to chapel, students EPK3 through 5th grade attend a religious education class once each week called Godly Play, an ecumenical, nationally acclaimed Montessori-style of spiritual formation.

Q. What is St. John's discipline philosophy? 
A. We use Conscious Discipline, a social-emotional program that helps adults and children respond from the higher center of their brain instead of react from the lower centers of the brain to conflict and life situations. It's a relationship-based model of discipline.

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