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PK2, PK3, Transition & PK4

St. John's celebrates the uniqueness of our youngest students and cherish the years of early childhood. At the heart of our program is our knowledge and understanding of all areas of a student's development: cognitive, social, emotional, physical, and moral. We know that the first years of learning open the door for future accomplishments, so we design our program filled with experiences that are designed to instill a sense of curiosity and love of learning.  Please visit our curriculum page to learn more about each section's curriculum.

Kindergarten through 5th Grade

Our elementary students are old enough to appreciate the challenges of learning as they develop independence and responsibility, yet young enough to retain the innocence, trust and wonder of childhood. Our faculty values the joys of childhood, and honors this time by their commitment to make these years productive and memorable for your child. Our primary goal is to provide a rich educational experience and environment where each student can become a competent, confident, and caring child.

Our elementary academic program is designed to provide each child with a challenging and developmentally appropriate learning experience. Skilled and dedicated teachers use a myriad of teaching strategies focusing on how each child learns best. These methods capture the natural curiosity of children and include hands-on activities, cooperative group work, open-ended questions, and various problem-solving activities that promote analytical and critical thinking.

St. John's curriculum includes reading, writing, spelling, science, public speaking, mathematics, and social studies. Our varied enrichment courses are designed to develop your child's many talents, skills, and interests. Students will study Art, Music, Spanish, Physical Education, Technology, and a weekly religion course called Godly Play. Our curriculum is interdisciplinary and values collaboration among both students and teachers.

Small class sizes of students provide the extra time and attention needed for basic skills and enrichment. St. John's teachers are certified teachers. Many have been trained with gifted and talented training or are certified Gifted and Talented. 

In addition to the academic, physical, and social-emotional development of each child, we believe that spiritual and moral development are an integral part of our commitment to the education of the whole child. Three year old through fifth grade students attend and participate in chapel and older students read scriptures during chapel and aide the rector as acolytes. Under the Episcopal charter these chapel times nurture and promote moral and ethical behavior, and teach children to use universal values, such as, respect, responsibility, kindness, self-control, thankfulness, courage, honesty, and cooperation as their compass and for decision-making.  As always, you may visit our curriculum page to learn more about each grade's curriculum.