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Student Council


Student Council is represented by selected student’s First through Fifth grade. The mission of Student Council is to grow leaders and lifelong learners. Members will help plan events and have leadership opportunities throughout the school year. St. John’s student council members must consistently demonstrate the following characteristics.


1.  Dependability! Reliability! and Respect!

2.  Completes classwork and homework assignments.

3.  Strong work ethic.

4.  Exemplary conduct and citizenship in and out of school.

5.  Excellent attendance. On time with limited absences and early check-outs.

6.  Good judgment and decision-making skills.

7.  Comfortable with public speaking.

8.  Exemplary leadership skills.


Meetings will be held, once a month, from 3:00-4:00 pm.  There may be other times we have to meet in order to plan service projects, leadership activities, and fellowship.  Student Council members attend monthly City of Abilene Rotary meetings, plan a testing celebration, and host spirit nights at a local restaurant.  


2018-2019 Student Council Members


President:  Amelia Rockett 

Vice President:  Claire Trammell 


First Grade:  Palmer Vinson, Claire Hardaway, Eleanor Rockett 


Second Grade:  Lucy Hardaway, Trent Green, Lauren Rinard 


Third Grade:  Jonathan Castereno, Layla Horner, Kiley Hirsch 


Fourth Grade:  George Ferguson, Elena Liew, James Gloyna, Julie Cecilio 


Fifth Grade:  Sarah Martinez, Andrea Martinez, Deagan Nichols