Grandparents Day

Thank you to all who gave so generously to support

St. John's Episcopal School for Grandparents Day 2018!




Thomas W. Choate

St. John's has been an important part of the Choate family for more than 40 years and is just as important now as any time in the past.


Maria Devora-Portillo

Grandparents are a special gift from God. In memory of Jose R. Devora


Dr. & Mrs. Victor J. Hirsch

"We count our blessings - Kiley Hirsch, Easton Goodman, Victor John Hirsch AND St. John's Episcopal School!"


Patti L. Jones

Lucy, Claire and Nellie Cate, Have the best year! Love, Boo


Jud Powell

Proud of Jones & Jane! - Papa Jud


Edward Ratcliff

Zack - Have a great year! Love, Pops & Papa Brett


The Rinard Family

We love you, Lauren & Olivia! - Bubba, Gaga & Nonnie


Bruce & Anita Rockett

So proud of our St. John's "Senior," Amelia and our St. John's First Grader, Eleanor.


The Trammell Family

The Lee Family

Retha & Ric Wittie

Minor & Lexi Alexander

The Vinson Family

The McClish Family

The Eddleman Family




Drs. Joe & Donalyn Alexander  - We love you Hank & Parker!


Suzanne Alexander  - Susu loves you so much, Mary Liz and Miles!  Have a fun year.


Tom & Angie Ceniglis  - Have a great year learning, Thomas. We love you - Nonna & Papa


Julie & Mike Denny  - We are so proud of both of you!  Have a great year - Papa & Juju


Michelle Downs  - Love you, Georgia! - Mammy & Pappy


Russell & Beverly Guthrie  - We love our Scoutapotamus! Love, Mimi & Poppy


Glen & Carol Hall  - Have a great year, Witt! Love from Granny & Gramps


Pat & Suzy Makins  - We know you will have a great year, Cal and James. Love, Granddad & Mimi


Don & Becky Poindexter  - We love you, Isaac! Have a great year. - Gabby & Mack


Pat Smith  - Chloe & Blaine - I am so proud of you both! Love, Grammie


Brad & Melinda Stephens





Vincent & Marilyn Cesaro


Carol & John Chappell


Lee & Debbie Clark & Keith McCoil  - Love you, Emma Clark! From PaPaw, Pa-Pa & Mimi


Susan Converse  - Have a great year, Austyn. Love, Dee Dee


John Dougherty, Patty Ryan & Caitlin Coppotelli


Dr. Hermes & Phil Dizon  - We love you, Ethan!


Roger & Paula Evans


Darrell & Jennifer Franklin  - Have a great year, Piper & Millie.  We love you, Grandma & Pappy


Mike & Mary Lou Garrett


Jody Goodman  - Have a great Kindergarten year! Love, Nana & Paw Paw


Leland & Laura Henson


Jill Jeanes - Nolan


Donny & Lavelle Killough  - We love you, Maizee!


Ann Lawrence


Randall Miller


Ron & Sandi Rainwater


Mimi & Pops Walsh  - Have a great school year! Love, Mimi & Pops Walsh


Billy & Linda Whitson


Tom & Sylvia Zavaleta  - We are so proud of our grandchildren, Aralyn and Christian, and so thankful they are part of St. John's loving and academically excellent community.