Enrichment Courses

St. John's offers Enrichment courses to all grade levels.  All students receive instruction in Spanish, Technology, Music, P.E., Athletics, Library and Godly Play. PK4 through fifth grade classes receive art instruction.

Spanish:  Our Spanish curriculum, CALICO, is a multi-sensory language program for preschool through 5th grade. A basic CALICO strategy which is applied through multi-sensory games and activities is that it encourages a playful, nurturing environment that gives students the opportunity to experiment and take risks necessary for learning a new language. With this curriculum all students will study the same topic – the level of difficulty and expectations will be different for each grade level. Through games, music, art and informal conversations, students will learn listening, speaking, reading, writing, and comprehension at the appropriate age level.

Technology: We will begin our year assessing prior knowledge and forming questions about the machines we will be working with this year. Our first unit will focus on hardware and general computer knowledge. Many of our students will soon be able to identify input and output devices. They will also be able to distinguish between various pieces of hardware on the inside of a computer. Computer history and vocabulary will also be a planned part of our lessons.  Other units we will be working on this year include A) Spreadsheets and Presentations B) The Internet and C) Communications and Programming (including Lego Robots). We will incorporate typing practice in various lessons throughout the year, and we find many chances to incorporate discussions about using technology appropriately. Our youngest children are learning to be gentle and to correctly manipulate the hardware that they will be using while our older students are reminded to safeguard the technology and themselves any time they use a computer network.

Music: Our PK classes work on music and movement songs, many of which we learned as children. Preschool and Kindergarteners learn more of our Praise and Worship songs as well as learning basic music concepts. First through fifth grade students will learn about dynamics and the many ways sound affects our lives. All students work on Chapel music, with Praise and Worship on Tuesdays and Formal Chapel on Wednesdays.  Students will perform throughout the year at school functions, Grandparents Day, the Christmas program and our Spring Program.

P.E.: The PK classes learn and review the safety rules in the gym.  Also, different props are utilized to encourage movement and imagination including hula hoops, bean bags, ropes and more.  PK students also learn about body awareness and spatial awareness.  It helps us move in a large space and not run into others or things.  In kindergarten through second grade we review our safety rules in the gym and play games and construct obstacle courses. Common games are kickball, tag, baseball and other fun physical activities.  In 3rd through 5th grade we discuss responsibility, since we are the oldest students in the school, and even have gym duties to perform. All students are taught to be excited about physical education and learn the proper way to stretch and excercise.


The St. John’s Athletic Department offers an optional extracurricular Tennis Program for 4th and 5th grade students. While this program is optional, the School encourages all eligible students to participate.

There will be fees and uniforms associated with participation. Tennis practice will be held after school during the spring tennis season. Matches will be played on Sunday afternoons. The team participates in match play during the USTA spring season. 

Library: The school library is centrally located on campus. With thousands of books in the library, we offer a wide variety of reading materials for students age 3 and up and for teacher use. The library is open from 7:45 am to 3:30 pm Monday through Friday. Librarian Shelley Hughes maintains the facility and have weekly library time for all students. Upper grade students may use the library as a resource for research, assignments and personal reading. St. John's Episcopal School also has two book fairs every year, one in the fall and one in the spring.  Students hear from numerous authors and illustrators of the books. Your child will make a “Student Wish List” during their library time to aid in your selection of books. Teachers will also make “Classroom Wish List”. Purchasing books for the classroom is a wonderful way to show how much you appreciate our St. John’s teachers and the importance of literacy. 

Godly Play: PK3 through 5th grade attend a religious education class once each week.  St. John's uses the internationally acclaimed Godly Play, a Montessori style of spiritual formation.  It has three main elements which speak to the whole child and teach biblical literacy, theological inquisition and liturgical action.  Children are told either a sacred story, a parable or a liturgical lesson, and then are led by the storyteller to wonder.  They are free to play with the story materials and develop art responses to the stories.  Additionally, they experience a feast at the end of the time.  Godly Play is very quiet and contemplative.  Many say it is transformational.  It is ecumenical in nature, and is used by Southern Baptists, United Methodist, Church of Christ, Roman Catholic, Presbyterian, Lutheran, Quakers, Non Denominationalists on most continents in the world.  

Art: PK4 through fifth grade reviews the basic elements of art and uses those tools to draw, paint, sculpt, print among many other art forms. In preschool we learn very basic elements of drawing such as circles, dots, lines, curved lines and angles. All grades participate in many types of art applications including paint, pastels, ink drawings and more.